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The QUAD PA-One is a highly versatile, user-friendly headphone and pre amplifier.

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  • Rør forforstærker

  • DAC

  • 1 x OPT

  • 1 x COAX,

  • 1 x USB B

  • 1x XLR

  • 1xRCA

  • 2x høretelefonsudgang

The QUAD PA-One is a highly versatile, user-friendly headphone and pre amplifier. It combines classic quad valve topology with a modern selection of digital inputs and outputs for low and high impedance headphones too. With classic QUAD styling and a life-like sound quality, the PA-One is perfect for enjoying music personally via your laptop as well as being an integral pre-amp in a larger hi-fi system too.


Get The Best Out Of Your Headphones

...The Quad PA-One, however, is dedicated to achieving the best possible sound quality of any set of headphones connected to it. 

A whole host of connections, both analogue and digital driven by hi-fi amplifier valves bring an exciting detail to your music.

With a nod to Peter Walker’s styling and topology of his original valve amplification and superior quality from aesthetics to audio make a truly exquisite amplifier. The sound is full of life, yet without the unwanted colouration many would expect from such amplifiers. The genuine heritage of Quad has been preserved with all the features to enjoy modern audio mediums.
Classic Meets Contemporary
Quad engineers have relied on valve technology for our trademark sound. Referencing the high standards set by the Quad II, valve amplifier as a benchmark, we’re sure you can enjoy a level of audio fidelity which we have consistently delivered since 1936, this time packaged into a personal hi-fi experience.

Carefully selected hi-fi amplification valves; 2× 6SL7, 2 × 6SN7, 1 × EZ81, allow the PA-One to deliver the latest technology in perfect harmony with traditional hi-fi.

True to tradition, the front panel is dominated by a large volume and balance control, while input select and impedance mode controls are in keeping with the rest of our product range for a perfect match.

The valves and electronics are housed in a Lancaster Grey steel chassis which is compact enough for a stand-alone space-saving setup, while it can also be an integral part of a high-end, large scale system.
Connect With Your Music
An amazingly wide variety of digital and analogue sources are on hand. Balanced, RCA, Coaxial, Optical and USB, makes it easy to listen to music without ever having to ponder on decoding different formats. Simple and effective. Additionally, low impedance and high impedance modes enable connection to a plethora of modern, popular headphones.

With the increased popularity of computers as source, the PA-One USB DAC allows you to enjoy listening to digital music sources from a computer or laptop (Windows or Mac) via USB connection. 

The PA-One is USB 1.1 and 2.0 compliant and supports sampling frequencies ranging from 35kHz to 192kHz, a real treat for any hi-fi enthusiast.

With dedicated gold plated RCA outputs, the PA-One is a pre-amp in its own right and can be integrated into part of a larger hi-fi system, too.

Tekniske specifikationer

Yderligere information

Producent Quad
Vægt 7.5000
Kategori Rör förförstärkare
Forstærker type Ventil
Analoge linjeindgange 1x XLR 1xRCA
Digitale indgange 1 x OPT, 1 x COAX, 1 x USB B
Pre out Stereo RCA
Bluetooth nej
D/A konverter (ja/nej) Ja
Sampling Frekvens 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176kHz, 192kHz
Output impedance 32 Ω - 300 Ω
Signal-to-noise ratio (Line) 105dB (IHF-A)
Input impedance 50k Ω