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Tannoy Revolution XT 6F

Tannoy Revolution XT 6F

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Its 150 mm (6 inch) Omnimagnet Dual Concentric driver is augmented with a matching 150 mm (6 inch) bass driver to deliver LF extension down to below 40 Hz.

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Both the Omnimagnet Dual, with its 25 mm Linear PEI dome HF unit and Torus-Ogive waveguide, and the auxiliary driver feature a multi-fibre cone with rubber surround and a 44 mm edge wound voice coil to ensure seamless bass performance. The Revolution XT 6F crossover uses low loss laminated core inductors and audiophile components throughout and further benefits from high purity oxygen free copper (OFC), silver plated wiring.

The 31.1 litre Revolution XT 6F cabinet utilises the most compact iteration of TANNOY new twin-cavity coupled reflex system, featuring separate cavities coupled internally by tuned ports. Bass energy exits from a down-firing port between the angled base of the cabinet and the integrated plinth. The precisely engineered angle of the ‘waveguide’ formed between cabinet and plinth encourages LF energy to disperse forward into the room, making closer-to-wall placement of the speaker than is typically possible without major detrimental effect on sound quality.

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"...if you value cohesion, insight and unexaggerated smoothness we can’t think of an alternative that does these things better." "There’s a strong sense of the recording acoustic on this disc, and the Quads do a convincing job of reproducing it with a wonderful composure to the sound and an unexaggerated way of detailing the leading edges of notes."
Tannoy XT6F, What Hifi - Awarded five stars & Product of the Year 2016 (1000-2000 £)

Tekniske specifikationer

Yderligere information

Vægt 16.3000
Typ Passiv
Lådkonstruktion Basreflex
Känslighet 90 dB
Impedans 8
Frekvensomfång 38 Hz - 32 kHz
Recommended amplifier power 25 - 150 w
Diskant Dual Concentric™ High Frequency 25 mm (1”) Linear PEI dome
Mellanregister Dual Concentric™ Low Frequency 150 mm (6”) multi-fibre paper 44 mm (1.75”) voice coil
Baselement 150 mm (6”) multi-fibre paper pulp cone with rubber surround. 44 mm (1.75”) edge wound voice coil
Högtalaranslutning Bi-wire
Mått (HxBxD) 1005 x 269 x 317 mm