Earthquake Cinenova Grande Effekt forstærker

Earthquake Cinenova Grande

Earthquake Cinenova Grande

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The latest iteration of the legendary Cinénova Grande amplifier is a true tale of evolution.

* Påkrævede felter

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  • Ultimata effektförstärkare

  • 7x360W 8ohm/610W 4Ohm

  • Extrem strömförsörjning

  • 7x monoblock konstruktion

  • Kan driva allt!

  • 2 - 16 Ω

  • XLR Input

  • RCA Input

  • Intelligent cooling system

  • Total Protection

  • Built-in Crossover

  • MARS

  • ION technology

  • ConCurrent

The Legend reborn. 

The latest iteration of the legendary Cinénova Grande amplifier is a true tale of evolution.  

Since its inception the Cinenova Grande reference platform has been the benchmark for new technology. New innovations are constantly put up against the reference design. Astonishingly few circuitry innovations become the genesis of true audio evolution. It is our sincere belief that the new generation represents a meaningful improvement.  

During the research process for the Cinenova 7, the Grandes smaller sibling,  three core technologies were developed. All designed to optimize the amplifiers performance and sound quality. These new technologies proved so successful that with them the  Cinénova  Grande reference design itself has been reborn.

The Cinénova Grande has long been the most powerful multi channel amplifier on the market. The new channel-bridge feature further propels the Cinénova Grande into the wattage stratosphere. Breaking the vaunted 1,500 watts at  8 ohm HIFI amplifier barrier. A feat previously accomplished by only a handful of exotic 2 channel high-end amplifiers.

Like its predecessors the Grande BR is a tempered blend of traditional high-end virtues combined with innovative and novel circuitry design. Produced using in-house proprietary manufacturing techniques. Operating in an enhanced class AB state gives it industry leading efficiency making the Cinénova Grande BR a true green amplifier.

Tekniske specifikationer

Yderligere information

Producent Earthquake
Vægt 56.0000
Kategori 7-kanal effektförstärkare
effekt 2 ohm Alla kanaler driven:810 watt
effekt 4 ohm Alla kanaler driven:610 watt
Watt 8 ohm Alla kanaler driven: 360 watt
Analoge linjeindgange per kanal: 1x XLR + 1x RCA
Output impedance säker av 2 - 16 Ω
Gain 42V
Input Sensitivity RCA: 1,6V
XLR: 2,4V
Input impedance RCA: 28 kΩ
XLR: 48 kΩ
Frekvens område upp till 50kHz ±0.1dB
Channel Separation > 110 dB från 17Hz till 40kHz
Total harmonisk forvrængning (THD) 0.003%
Signal/støjforhold > 121 dB
Damping factor 1600 vid 8Ω 400 vid 2Ω
Mål HxBxD 248 x 448 x 543 (mm)