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FabelCAST is the clever and simple solution on how to get streaming on your Densen product! FabelCAST will do GOOGLE CAST streaming, while at the same time allow you to update the streaming hardware when GOOGLE launches new version of the CAST, and do software updates by GOOGLE, thereby secure a high quality in software, and thereby reliability. FabelCAST is designed to be mounted in the surround board slot located on the back of the Densen B-110 / B-120 / B-130 / B-150 / B-175 / B-230 / B-250 and B-275. FabelCAST has a dedicated powersupply for the CAST module, and a both a special Densen power supply cable for the CAST, and a special Densen digital cable, to allow perfect digital transfer to the DAC.
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From the FabelCAST board, a flat cable connects to the DP connector internally in the Densen amplifier, thus using the RIAA board connector for the FabelCAST on all non-xs products. In the New XS models it's possible to connect both as it has an addtional DP connecter. That is, for power supply and for sending the audio signal into the amplifier. By creating the FabelCAST for a built-in DAC, the owner saves the cost of a cabinet and pays only for the DAC itself and saves the signal cable between DAC and Amplifier, and thereby gets a significantly shorter signal path. FabelCAST has 1 inputs optical input and 1 USB power output. FabelCAST is optimized for perfect performance in all areas. The advanced 4-layer teflon print includes a screen layer, that protects DAC and signalpath against high frequency radiation. The analogue stages utilize Densen's unique nonfeedback Class A technology. A great deal of work has been done in optimizing the signal path so as to minimize the negative impact on the signal. The development team has focused on creating a DAC that not only sets new standards for the price range, but is able to play music in a way that allows the listener to focus on the music and forget about the technology. In the FabelCAST, not only the digital and analog steps are perfected. The power supply is also perfected. It basically bases on the power supply that is prepared for RIAA connectivity in all Densen products. That is, a power supply optimized for sensitive signals. On the FabelCAST itself, additional powersupplies are added so that DAC and the individual analogue stages have separate supplies to avoid interference and ensure that each stage works optimally. FabelCAST uses the best components throughout the design. It includes custommade capacitors, Vishay metal film resistors, gold-plated RCA sockets with direct connection to the print, and high-quality film capacitors. The DAC itself is a new type of 24 bit / 192Khz converter, mounted under a shielding box, to avoid digital interference with analogue stages. FabelCAST is transparent, dynamic, precise, engaging, musically correct, and with a precise stereo perspective, with the ability to create a reproduction so good that you just focus on the pure music. Contact your Densen dealer or Densen directly for a FabelCAST upgrade, or simply order your Densen with the FabelCAST mounted, if you are buying a new Densen. As always for a Densen product, the motto is: Life is too short for boring Hi-Fi.

Please note the USB-port is only a powersupply port and cannot be used to connect digitally to other components (iphone, PC etc.). Using the FabelCAST board replaces Line 1 or 2 inputport on your Densen product depending on how you install it. Installation guide will be provided with the board.

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Producent Densen
Vægt 0.0000
opløsning (bit) 24
Sampling Frekvens 192KHz