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Tannoy Kingdom Royal Carbon Black

Tannoy Kingdom Royal Carbon Black

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500.000 kr /Sæt

Kingdom Royal Carbon Black adds a new contemporary cosmetic to the outstanding Kingdom Royal loudspeaker concept.

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  • Reference high-end

  • Dual Concentric™

  • SuperTweeterTM

  • 15" bas

  • Mycket hög känslighet

  • Mycket dynamisk

  • Obegränsade resurser

  • Kraftfullt ljud

  • Carbon

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Tannoy has always been a leader where quality sound reproduction is concerned and the no-compromise design of Kingdom Royal epitomizes this. 80 years of audio engineering expertise distilled into a flagship loudspeaker of unrivalled accuracy, musical coherence and dynamic range. Our flagship loudspeaker brings together a series of reference components within a radical cabinet design, utilising the finest quality materials throughout. At its heart the all-new 12” Dual ConcentricTM driver couples a 3” heattempered aluminium alloy dome and waveguide with a 1.5 kg ferrite motor to create a true horn-loaded compression driver. The new Carbon Black version of Kingdom Royal offers precisely the same exceptional audio performance as the original model. The visual appearance has been enriched with carbon fibre panels, individually precision CNC machined silver metal trim, and a specially formulated paint on the cabinet surface. Every component represents the pinnacle of materials technology and the summit of Tannoy’s technical excellence. The result is unsurpassed acoustic performance, ultra-low colouration, high efficiency and musical integrity unmatched by any other loudspeaker on the market today. One flagship - two finishes. Kingdom Royal’s Dual Concentric high frequency unit and the SuperTweeterTM can be adjusted according to personal taste and the balance of partnering electronic equipment. On the new Carbon Black version a specially designed, individually machined baffle-mounted control panel allows the HF output of both Dual compression driver and SuperTweeter to be adjusted in 1.5 dB steps to plus or minus 3 dB. Gold plated adjustment pins ensure insignificant signal degradation. Signal path integrity is key throughout the design of Kingdom Royal and the Carbon Black model employs an all-new individually machined terminal panel, fitted with five WBT NextGen™ WBT-0703 binding posts; bi-wire and earth / ground point to eliminate RF interference. Further emphasising the luxurious appearance detail, the port tube has been meticulously designed and turned on a lathe from a solid block of aluminium, anodised and finished with textured highlights. The Kingdom Royal’s sensitivity is a market leading 96 dB (2.83 V / 1 metre). This makes it compatible with any type of high quality amplification from single-ended triode vacuum tube based designs to high power transistor based devices. Moreover, the speaker’s impedance characteristics represent a relatively easy load across the frequency spectrum, again affording compatibility with the widest range of amplification.

From the substantial output down to 15 Hz through to the upper reaches of the 61 kHz SuperTweeter, Kingdom Royal reproduces music with ultra-low colouration across the spectrum. The result is a natural and expansive sound that allows the character of each instrument to shine through like no other loudspeaker design. Whether it’s the characteristically rich qualities of a Stradivarius violin, the startling leading edge attack and deep-bass impact of Timpani drums, the distinctive signature of a Steinway piano, the vibrant warmth and bass punch of a Fender bass guitar, the silken upper reaches of mezzo-soprano vocals, Kingdom Royal effortlessly delivers music with precision and passion for a lifetime of listening pleasure. There are now two finish choices available, both designed without compromise; original high gloss walnut wood veneer with gold trim or the new Carbon Black finish with carbon fibre side panels and exquisitely machined silver metal trim. Engineered to exacting standards and finished to the highest level, Kingdom Royal continues to exceed its design brief: To set a reference standard by which all other loudspeakers will be compared.

Tekniske specifikationer

Yderligere information

Vægt 120.0000
Typ Passiv
Type (elektrostat) Reflex for bass driver, closed box for Dual Concentric™
Känslighet 96dB
Impedans 8
Frekvensomfång 24Hz - 61kHz
Recommended amplifier power 20 to 600 watt RMS per channel
Diskant 25mm (1 inch) diameter 64 micron magnesium alloy dome, ceramic coated. Neodymium magnet system. Plasma bonded voice coil.
Mellanregister 12 inch nominal diameter Dual Concentric™, with 52mm (2 inch) midrange voice coil and treated paper cone. High frequency 75mm (3 inch) diameter aluminium alloy dome, deep cryogenically treated
Baselement 380mm (15 inch) nominal diameter with treated paper cone. 75mm (3 inch) diameter voice coil
Bas/Mellanregister High frequency 75mm (3 inch) diameter aluminium alloy dome, deep cryogenically treated
Högtalaranslutning Bi-wire
Mått (HxBxD) 1275 x 585 x 600 mm