Earthquake CP-8 Subwoofers

Earthquake CP-8

Earthquake CP-8

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3.295 kr /Stk

Earthquakes new SleekWave CP8 subwoofer can what others can not. It can be placed under / behind a sofa or bed.

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  • 8" long throw

  • Kompakt

  • 150W förstärkere

  • Kan placeras under soffan

New bass from unused space!
Earthquakes new SleekWave CP8 subwoofer can what others can not. It can be placed under / behind a sofa or bed.

With a SleekWave subwoofer, you can now get a powerful and deep bass without taking up space on the floor.

SleekWave CP8 is based on the same over sized quality components known from the successful SUB80 subwoofer. A powerful 150 watt amplifier and an 8-inch long-throw woofer with 2 inch voice coil ensures high output and long life.

A large bass port on the front of the subwoofer ensures high output of the lowest frequencies and gives the strong woofer optimal working conditions, resulting in strong and accurate bass. The bass port allows you to get bass out from under a couch or bed without loss of precision and energy.

With a height of only 17.8 cm it can be stored under most sofas and beds. It can also be placed on the side if there is space between the back of the couch and the wall. If you have a mere 17.8 cm of space there is room for strong bass.

CP8 - Powerful, rational and placement friendly.

Produkt anmeldelser


"The size and shape allow for easy concealment, and the bass output is nothing short of remarkable... ...If you are in the market for a tactile transducer, why not have one that actually outputs substantial bass as well? The Earthquake Audio CP-8 left me shaken and satisfied while adding some “fun” to my media enjoyment at a modest cost. Anything that adds to the excitement of a movie experience or enhances the enjoyment of music listening is worth considering, in my opinion. The CP-8 has my seismic approval."
Earthquake Cp-8, Home Theater Hifi

Tekniske specifikationer

Yderligere information

Producent Earthquake
Vægt 12.8000
Kategori Aktiv subbas
effekt (powerhandling) Klasse A/B
150 watt (kontinuerlig)
300 watt (dynamisk)
Frekvensområde 20Hz – 180Hz
Voice Coil 2″ / 50.8 mm
indgange Linje (RCA, low-level), högtalare (high-level)
udgange Linje (RCA, low-level), högtalare (high-level)
niveau kontrol ja
fasejustering (0/180 grader) ja, 0/180 grader
automastisk standby ja
Mål (HxBxD) 192 x 601 x 305 (mm)