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Castle Avon 2

Castle Avon 2

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2-way bookshelf speaker.


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Avon Series

With breakthrough Twin Drive Transmission Line technology, combined with real wood veneers, hand crafted and polished to perfection - Castle Avon is a delight to both eyes and ears.

Determined to both perfect and take advantage of the Transmission Line speaker principles, Castle engineers embarked on a three year investigation into the acoustics, mathematics and all performance aspects of such loudspeakers. The result was a break through in TL Theory. In its simplest explanation, driving the line at two distinct points overcomes both the damping problem and loss of energy, resulting in a smooth power response from the lowest fundamentals right through to the midrange frequencies.

Castle has called this breakthrough technology TDTL - Twin Drive Transmission Line and is, for the very first time, in the new Avon floorstanding loudspeakers.

Avon 4 features twin castle 130m woven fibre cone drives in a TL tuned to 38Hz, while Avon 5 features twin castle 150mm Woven Carbon Fibre cone drivers in a TL tuned to 32Hz. In room the Avon 5 achieves a bass extension (-6dB) down to 30Hz making it a truly wideband speaker.



Tekniske specifikationer

Yderligere information

Producent Castle
Vægt 10.5000
Typ 3-vägs stativhögtalare
Känslighet 88dB
Frekvensomfång 50Hz - 20kHz
Bass extension 45Hz
Recommended amplifier power 25 - 100W
Diskant 12 x 45 mm True Ribbon
Mellanregister 115mm Woven Carbon Fibre Mid-range
Baselement 150mm Woven Carbon Fibre Woofer
Mått (HxBxD) 475 x 210 x 310mm